Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is the advantage of having Uniform?
1. Creates a Sense of Community
Uniforms build a feel of teamwork and togetherness throughout the student body.
2. Great Public Awareness and Brand Building Opportunity for a School
For example, think about how many places these uniforms are worn after school.
3. Builds School Spirit
wearing your school logo everyday builds pride in your school.
4. The Cost Is Less than Typical Fashion Clothing.
You can outfit a student for the entire year for Rs.1000 to Rs2000.00
5. Improved Safety Feature
Uniforms easily identify students, and they also ensure that children are properly dressed for various activities, which ultimately lowers school liability.
6. Breaks Down Socio-Economic Barriers
With uniforms, all students dress the same, regardless of household income.
7. Helps Reduce Peer Pressure
There is no need to worry about impressing others, since all students dress the same.
8. Creates a More Work-Like Atmosphere
When dressed in a uniform, it is time to go learn.
9. It Is Easier!
The most important reason for uniforms is that it is easier for the faculty. (No more monitoring dress-code.) Also, it is easier for the parents. (No more fighting over what is appropriate). More importantly, it is easier for the students. (I have heard that many students sleep an extra hour in the morning because they do not have to pick out their clothing).
Of course, there are other less measurable benefits that many people have debated over the years, such as improvement in grades and conduct. Until these are proven, I will leave them out of my Top Ten.

02. How to select a good uniform Provider?
Picking a good school uniform supplier is the most important step the first year.
The best uniform supplier for your should have following things.
1. A company with a presence of a local retail store
2. A company that has local ownership present in each store
3. A company whose prices must be reasonable, and have annual sales
4. A company that has the ability to do embroidery and logos and provide them on time.
5. A company that gives a percentage of sales back to the school.
6. A company that require a long-term contract.
7. A company that stands behind their quality for a year, and offers the most up-to-date styles and fabrics
8. A company that will act as a consultant and help you develop the best program.
9. A company that is truly a school uniform company,

3. How to Implement a Uniform Program?
1. Poll the parents; send home a flyer listing Top 10 reasons “Why School Uniforms?” with a voting card.
2. Form a small uniform committee, including one or two parents, teachers, and students.
3. Meet with potential vendors that meet the above supplier requirements.
4. Pick a vendor and get them involved from the beginning.
5. Pick out uniforms. Remember to keep it simple.
6. Make the program mandatory.
7. Communicate the new program with the parents.
8. Provide parents with “where and what to purchase” from the supplier.
9. Enforce the new policies.
10. In the end, the school, parents, and students can reap the benefits of having school uniforms.

04. Which credit cards do you accept?
Varadayini accepts all major credit cards:

05. What are your store hours?
We are open from 10Am to 2PM and 4 PM to 8 PM
“SUNDAY ”would be holiday.

06. How do I wash "Varadayini" clothes?
"A little bit of care goes a long way" in Varadayini's garments. Follow the care instructions in the garment. Clothes are "aged" more by washing and by hot dryers than by wearing (especially in the dryer). We suggest cold or warm water, pre-treat spots with a non-chlorine bleach. Machine dry on warm (not hot) or line dry. Many items such as sweaters, sweatshirts, etc., look better when washed "inside out" so lint does not attach to the front, or outside, of the garment.

07. Are your clothes really better than what I can buy on sale?
Yes! There is an entire package of service that goes along with the purchase of a required school dress or uniform program. Continuity = being able to obtain the same style, color, cut on an ongoing basis. Availability = all year round, not just as seasonal "fill-in merchandise". R&D (Research and Development) = Varadayini continuously works to improve fabric blends, color richness, etc. and incorporates some "fashion" items into our line. Many Varadayini garments have special soil and stain release treatments and growth features that extend the life of a garment by enabling you to let down a generous hem or let out a specially-designed waistband. Personnel = Varadayini employees know Varadayini merchandise; personnel in department stores rotate from working in clothing today to small appliances tomorrow. Commitment = you have our attention 100% of the time. Providing the best school uniform program at the best possible price is our only business.

08. How many outfits do I need to purchase?
Good question. The ideal situation is to have at least two sets so you wash only thrice a week (it's in the washing that most clothes age). When you add up the cost of "fashion" clothes (even purchased on sale) vs. the cost of school uniforms, school uniforms save money, especially over time and with pass down possibilities.

09. What is "resalable" merchandise?
Items you wish to return must be in the same condition as when purchased so you would want to purchase them again. Tags still on, no alterations or washing and free of "extras" such as cuts, crayons, glue, etc.

10. What is your refund & exchange policy?
Merchandise must be in resaleable condition with original tags and not altered or washed. Receipt is required and returns and exchanges must be within 30 days of purchase date.

11. How long will it takes to receive our school uniforms?
Generally it takes between 8 and 10 working days to receive your order.

12. Do you sell sport uniforms?
Answer: yes.

13. Do you ship school uniforms internationally?
Answer: Yes.

14. What are your shipping charges?
Shipping charges vary from country to country.

15. Do you charge sales tax?
Yes ,but only on ready goods as per VAT instructions.

16. Do you sell adult sizes?
Answer: Yes.

17. How can I get more information?
Contact Varadayini in person on to Gururaj+919448392071 or Janaki +919901179780 or Landline +918352260172 or Request for callback or e-mail us on on week days from 10AM to 2PM and 4PM to 8PM at Indian Standard Time.

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