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     Varadayini is a basic school uniform manufacturer and will work with you to help, develop and implement the uniform program that provides the greatest positive impact for your school or district. The possibilities begin with our huge variety of plaids and our extensive offering of solid color tops and bottoms. We create a unique ensemble for your school, sometimes “from bow to toe,” sometimes including approved outerwear or spirit wear, and always with the opportunity to feature your school’s esteemed insignia.

     We can also work with you to convince your administrators, teachers, parents, and students of the proven, transforming benefits of school uniforms. Introducing a new uniform program requires a partner to provide excellent planning, communication, and management. But most importantly, it requires champions among your parents and administrators. Varadayini is the experienced and committed uniform provider to help see you through this process successfully.


Our goals include:
• Reducing the time administrators, principals and school management spend their valuable time on enforcement and discipline
• Keeping parents happy with our superior retail service
• Giving students a uniform they are proud to wear

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